Example and Tips on Writing a Bank Teller Resume

Example and Tips on Writing a Bank Teller Resume

Bank teller is a great alternative to college because this career doesn’t require a degree, and candidates only need to have strong mathematics and communication skills.

Luckily, banking industry gives a chance to learn the job rather quickly, so there is no need for prior work experience in a similar position. If you want to enter this field and to gain lots of new and useful skills, our guidelines on crafting an impressive bank teller resume will definitely be useful.

Read them attentively and change your life for the better!

Writing a bank teller objective

Your bank teller resume should start with a career objective. Make sure that it is tailored to fit a particular role or a chosen financial establishment. For example, if the job description requires accuracy when dealing with money and satisfaction of customers, you need to make sure that these points are included in a resume.

The best way to start this section for a bank teller position is to tell about your experience and main duties that you had. Try to include only the duties that the potential hiring manager is looking for. Read the example below:

Bank teller with more than five years of experience in providing flawless customer service, dealing with customer transactions, and referring products.

As you see, all the main responsibilities are listed in a single sentence, giving the hiring manager a chance to learn about your core skills right from the start.

Then you should continue the career objective by mentioning relevant qualities, which may help in filling a particular position. For example, you can indicate knowledge of banking policies or any other features that may help in a chosen job role.

The best way to end a career objective is by indicating degrees, licenses, and certifications. However, bank tellers don’t need to have degrees, so if you don’t have one – just skip the stage and focus on other qualities that you have. For example, being reliable, hardworking, and aspiring.

If you speak several languages, a career objective is a great place to indicate it because the majority of banks prefer candidates who speak multiple languages. Especially Spanish or French.

Experience section of a bank teller resume

If you are going to become a bank teller but don’t have any relevant experience, there is no need to fall into despair. These positions are usually of an entry-level and don’t require any experience in the banking sector. 

Thus, if you do have experience in customer service of a bank or any other relevant background, this will be a huge plus. And your bank teller resume will become even more attractive.

A great idea will be adding a few quantifiable points to add value to the resume. For example:

  • Automated Teller machines and Teller Cash Recyclers totaling $200,000;
  • Assisted managers with balancing and audits with a $100,000+ value.

Including points that can be checked and measured shows the hiring manager that you can complete a variety of tasks like referring credit products and dealing with papers. Provide dollar figures to prove that you can be trusted with large sums. 

Last but not least, let us explain the difference between the Teller 1 and 2 positions that may confuse potential employees when looking for a bank teller position. Teller 2 position usually requires over three years of working experience and is given more power and responsibilities (VIP customer transactions, etc.)

If you are only getting started in the industry, pay attention to bank teller one job openings.

Relevant skills in a bank teller CV

If you don’t have experience working as a bank teller or simply want to stand out among tens or even hundreds of other candidates on a single position, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the Additional Skills part. 

It may be brief but plays a key role in decision-making on whether you can be a good bank teller or not. The first rule is keeping every point relevant to a job opening. The hiring manager doesn’t have to know that you have won the national guitar contest. However, indicating that you know Microsoft Office programs is a big plus.

But don’t limit this bank teller resume section with a brief Microsoft Office phrase. Instead, show which programs you are good at – Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Even though Photoshop skills don’t refer to a bank teller position directly, they open more opportunities in marketing or advertising inside the same bank. So, don’t hesitate to include them in the CV.

In addition, you should indicate if you have outstanding typing skills because they are extremely important for a bank teller. Showing that you can type many words per minute indicates that you can get your work done really fast. 

Example of a bank teller resume

1234 East Avenue, New York, NY 20023

(121) 345-5678

[email protected]

Bank teller with over 5+ years of experience and outstanding customer service, managing customer transactions, balancing cash drawers, and referring credit products and looking for a Teller 2 position in an international bank, where I can apply my skills and knowledge of financial products and procedures. I am a devoted team player with fluent English and Spanish and am effective in achieving all sorts of goals.


ABC Bank – New York

Bank Teller 2, August 2018 – Present

  • Processing transactions for customers, accepting loan payments, servicing accounts, cashing checks, working with safe deposit box operations, and night deposits;
  • TCDs/ TCRs totaling over $200,000;
  • Processing 15+ transactions an hour with maximum attention to details;
  • Selling Savings Bonds to the Federal Reserve upon request;
  • Processing over 100 account inquiries;
  • Assisting with training new tellers and giving them all the necessary information on the bank’s rules and policies.

DEF Bank – New York

Bank Teller, August 2015 – August 2018

  • Remembered names and specific features of more than 100 regular customers creating friendly bonds with them;
  • Adhered to all the guidelines and operations;
  • Assisted the team with daily balancing and audits with a $100,000+ value;
  • Organized 100+ transaction receipts every day, so they were always filed in a proper manner;
  • I had a leadership role when the supervisor was absent and made sure that the department worked properly.


Maddison High – New York

High School Diploma, June 2015

– Captain of the football team


  • Expert at Microsoft Office products (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint);
  • Flawless typing speed – 90 words per minute;
  • Solid skills with Adobe Dreamweaver.


Being a teller is a great start in a banking career. If you want to work with people and money, to learn more about banks and other financial institutions but not willing to waste time at college, pay attention to this job opportunity.

Craft a solid resume by showing that you are a great fit for customer service and can be entrusted with money. And don’t forget to include experience with safe deposit box operations if you have it.

Your tone should remain professional and calm, language – smooth and structured. Remember, hiring managers love confident people and will quickly distinguish you from the crowd. We are sure that after getting familiar with our tips, you will easily land a teller interview.