Business Analyst Cover Letter – What You Should Know About

Business Analyst Cover Letter – What You Should Know About

Trying to get a business analyst or administrative position is quite a challenge, especially because they are in high demand at the moment. To increase your chances of being noticed and invited for an interview, it is necessary to create a unique cover letter and resume that would stand out from the rest.

We recommend starting the process by viewing several examples of a business analyst cover letter. They will give you a chance to understand what sections to include, which features to highlight, and how to refer to a hiring manager.

Below we will share the most important things you may need when applying for business jobs and will introduce you to an example of a cover letter. Read further not to miss a thing!

Tips on writing a great cover letter

  1. Choose a correct cover letter type
  2. Even though the business cover letter is quite specific, there are several types: traditional (application letters) and letters of interest (prospecting ones, where you ask about job openings at a particular company). Choose the one which suits your needs in the best way.

  3. Customize your letter
  4. Hiring managers find it very simple to distinguish whether you have sent a generic cover letter or a unique one. Trust us, copy-pasted letters immediately end up in a bin.

    If you want to land an interview, write a business cover letter for each job offer. The best way is to match the required qualifications. Take your time to explain why you will be a great match for the company.

    Even though it may seem rather time-consuming to write every cover letter from scratch, the result is more than rewarding.

  5. Don’t concentrate on the things you lack
  6. You shouldn’t apologize in the business cover letter. If you lack a certain degree of skill, there is no need to mention it. Focus on the skills you have and explain why they make you a perfect fit.

    The only exception is the employment gap. If you haven’t worked during the past year, it is necessary to explain the reasons: whether you were laid-off, needed to spend time with family, or went to college. When mentioning the employment gap, be brief and return to your strengths.

  7. Find a contact person if possible
  8. Before writing a business cover letter, it is important to get personal and familiarize with the hiring manager and the company. Do your best and find out the name of the hiring manager to make your business cover letter personal.

    If you don’t know who the person is, head to the company’s website or call them and ask. If it’s impossible to figure out the person that will be reading your letter, start it with ‘Dear Hiring Manager.’

  9. Format and edit your cover letter
  10. Your business cover letter should not only contain the necessary details but also look professional and smooth. Thus, you need to format it the right way. If it is a printed letter, make sure to follow a business letter format. Indicate all the necessary sections and remain professional. The format of emails will be a bit different but should also include your personal details.

    The business cover letter should be a maximum of three or four paragraphs long. If you see that it’s longer than you intended to, fix the margins for more space. Finally, you need to read the cover letter attentively to eliminate all the mistakes, typos, and imperfections.

  11. Remain yourself
  12. Of course, your business cover letter should be professional, but it doesn’t mean that you need to stick solely to formal style and language. Avoid unnatural phrases and complex words because they look clumsy and boring.

    Make sure you don’t use clichés that hiring managers read in every cover letter (like ‘team player’ or ‘go-getter’). Try to replace these phrases with fresh words and synonyms. We understand that you want to sound professional and polite, but it doesn’t mean that your business cover letter should sound fake or corny.

Things to include a business analyst cover letter

You should always start writing a business analyst resume or cover letter by reviewing a particular job posting. There you’ll find all the necessary qualifications and skills that the company is looking for.

You should use the cover letter as a chance to show that you meet those criteria. We recommend making a list of related keywords that the hiring manager will notice at once.

Did you know that many hiring managers use keyword software that analyzes applications and filters only those, which match the indicated words? Thus, this stage should be approached with all seriousness.

It is also possible to include business and administrative skills that employers are looking for. Don’t forget to indicate soft and hard skills, which are related to a position but are not included in the advertisement.

Include all these business analyst keywords to your cover letter or resume, and this will greatly increase your chances of being noticed.

Your cover letter should contain the following elements:

  • A subject line that includes your name and job title. This refers to sending letters via email;
  • Contact details. They should be indicated below the signature in an email or on top of a printed version;
  • Professional greeting;
  • First paragraph with a short introduction and your goal;
  • Paragraphs two and three. Qualifications and skills for the position you are applying;
  • Final paragraph. Showing appreciation for the time and attention;
  • Closing;
  • Signature.

If you don’t know what to write about, read our administrative assistant position below or get familiar with other examples online.

They will surely inspire you! However, you should always remember that these examples should only act as general models: your cover letter should be tailored to your own experience and skills, and show what you can offer the company.

Example of a business analyst cover letter

William Hill

345 Central Street, Beautifultown, CA 56789, 222-222-2222, [email protected]

March 9, 2020

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was thrilled to read about the business analyst vacancy at ABC company. I have over five years of experience in multiple fields, including administration and finance.

In addition to the office experience, I have strong administrative, customer support, and communication skills. Such a background makes me a perfect candidate for your position.

Thank you for considering my candidacy, and looking forward to hearing from you. 


William Hill