The Best Hacks On How To Find Out What Your Dream Job Is

The Best Hacks On How To Find Out What Your Dream Job Is

We all dream of something, including our future professions. It seems so easy to become an archeologist, doctor, or vet when you are a child. But once we grow up, the choice of choosing a career becomes one of the most difficult in our lives. Is there a dream job at all?

Yes, there is, but to figure out what your dream career is, you would need to do some research, put some time, and lots of effort. But don’t worry, you are not alone with this problem. Lots of great personality tests and different online tools will help you know more about yourself, your wishes, and goals, and find your career path.

So if you struggle with the choice of your future profession, do this dream career step and make your selection much easier. Pay attention to the best career quizzes you will find in that article. They might turn your life upside down!

How to choose your dream career if you have no idea what you want

Some people are very lucky to know what they want in their childhood or since they become students. But the reality is that most students thrash around during the last year of their studies and have no idea what job they want to have at all.

But the simplest tips below will help you realize how to find your dream career and what to do to be happy with your choice. Do not neglect those hacks while they might turn the image of your dream job upside down.

Assess your ambitions

Different career areas require different skills and even ambitions, so it is crucial to analyze yours. To do that, you can ask yourself a key question. For example, what you enjoy doing if money is no object? Think of what makes you happy.

It can be anything, but it is yours, for example, drawing, working with people (children), foreign languages, building, etc. After you thought of what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy, you can find out the following:

  • Find out what jobs provide similar experiences and feelings (if you prefer spending your time outside, consider such jobs as geologist, guide, park ranger, etc.);
  • Figure out the benefits and drawbacks of that career;
  • Financial factor (find out how this career will satisfy your financial needs; if it won’t, think of another one);
  • What you are good at (you should consider not only something you enjoy but are very good at to have a dream job);
  • Assess your hobbies (some hobbies can also be monetized);
  • Take a career test (it is easy to do it online and figure out what job you could do).

Top online dream career tests

Below, you will find some amazing tools that can help you make this difficult choice and choose your career path. If you think that you put all your efforts but still cannot find your dream job, just consider passing one of these tests, and it will be much easier.

You can opt for passing several tests and compare the results to be sure in your future choice.

Skills you need

Your interpersonal skills are also called soft skills, and this text is about exploring them. It will help you determine where you succeed and what you need to improve. It will explore every area, from your communication and listening skills to teamwork.

When passing the test, you will find out your strong sides and abilities. It will help you find out what you can and want to do and make a huge dream career step.

This is not actually a test but a bunch of four different tests that help people identifying their perfect professions and find out what their career personalities are. It will also help you determine your interests, desired values, and skills.

Unfortunately, only one of the four tests is free. But you can choose to pass one or all together. They all give different insights. For example, if you choose the career values tests, you will find out what you should look for in a new position.

Sokanu career assessment

Another great tool that will help you find your dream career.This test allows having a much deeper look at your past careers, personal interests, and education goals. Based on all that information, it will help you choose the right job for you. This way is one of the most efficient ones because, despite some not small effort, it gives unbelievable and worthy results.

The MAPP career test

This test is one of the most beloved ones among students and people who are going to change their careers. It takes only 20 minutes to take it. But it gives amazing career options and opens your dominant personality trait. But it is not free, also and you will need to pay to take it. You can also try a free version, but the results of the paid one are worth giving it a try.


The good news is that this test is absolutely free, so anyone willing to find out more about his or her career opportunities can try it. This is not even a test but a set of mind games. They are simple but pretty challenging.

To take the test, you will need to show your social and cognitive traits. You will find out both your weaknesses and strengths and will give you a chance to realize what you might need to improve.

Career Strengths Test

Another free test offered by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation for Oprah. Thanks to a set of activities, you will show your strength level and various skills. If you show your inductive thinking and other skills successfully, you may find out what kinds of jobs are good for your abilities.

The Big Five Personality Test

Now you can be even happier because you can also pass this test for free. It will give you an insight into how you work. This test is pretty quick. It will also allow you to find out whether you are disciplined enough, what your temperament type is, whether you can easily agree with people, and how you can handle stressful situations.

Some more helpful tips on how to choose the career of your dreams

Some people are lucky enough to realize what they want to do throughout life at an early age. Others are not less lucky to be able to turn their beloved hobby into their job. But most people struggle with that decision and are not happy with their choice. If you want to find a job that would bring you satisfaction instead of stress, try to follow these simple tips:

  • Determine what your strengths are;
  • Evaluate your past experience and don’t repeat the same mistakes;
  • Ask other people about their experiences;
  • Take some classes to realize what job you may want to have in the future;
  • Think of the desired work environment;
  • Try to find something that would make you happy.

So, even if you do not know how your hobbies or things making you happy might be related to your career, try to do your research and find out how to combine those things with your occupation. You might be surprised how great the result can be!