Free Covering Letter Example and Writing Recommendations

Free Covering Letter Example and Writing Recommendations

Free Covering Letter Example and Writing Recommendations

Cover Letter Basics: What Is a Cover Letter?

First, you need to remember the following thing: a cover letter is not a resume. And although, as many experts rightly remark, a cover letter is actually an “official cover” for a resume, it has its own task. This task is to “revive” the resume, to make the presentation of the applicant less formal and more trusting.

Yes, the cover letter is an independent document. But it has many similarities with a resume, both in form and in content. It represents the applicant from the best side, talks about his merits and talents, about how much benefit he can bring to the employer if he is hired for this job position.

There are no statutory cover letter templates that are required to be used. The experts offer their own template designs. There are a great many of them, but there are no fundamental differences between them.

Cover letters also have many similarities, since the basis for letter writing is the same cover letter examples.

All cover letters are characterized by the following points:

  • Volume (one page);
  • Beneficiary details;
  • The main part (“body”, which includes a motivated entry, “self-promotion” with a list of personal professional achievements);
  • Conclusion (offering their services and explaining their benefits to the employer):
  • “Assurances of sincere respect”.

Job Application Covering Letter Examples

Websites offer various cover letter examples. But they all have few differences. To verify this, just read the following cover letter examples.

«From: Paul Young


Phone number,



To: John Pollack,

General manager

Company name,


“Dear Mr. Pollack!

The purpose of my appeal to you personally is to apply for a vacant position of assistant chief manager in your company. My 10 years of experience working in a similar position in 2 firms gives me a reason to apply for a vacancy.

The list of your requirements for applicants for this position is fully consistent with my skills and professional experience. I own all the necessary tools to solve the tasks assigned to the assistant to the chief manager.

I currently hold a similar position and received an offer to take the position of chief manager, but I prefer to work as an assistant in a company with a huge budget and more serious prospects.

I look forward to your letter or call.

Regards (signature)”»

Such a sample is also possible.

«From whom…


  Dear Mr. X!

I am contacting you with the aim of applying for a vacancy of the main construction manager. As documents confirming the seriousness of my intention and my high qualifications, I am attaching to this cover letter a resume, a copy of the diploma, a copy of the certificate of assigned qualifications, copies of documents confirming my seniority in senior positions, as well as four letters of recommendation.

I am extremely interested in getting this particular job position, although now I occupy a similar position in a small construction company. My professional skills and my experience give me a reason to think that I am ready to take the vacancy announced by you.

In my professional dossier, there are the following objects in various cities of the country, the construction of which I personally supervised (list). My qualifications are confirmed by letters from the operators of the facilities built under my supervision, as well as from the heads of other enterprises with which I cooperated during work.

To get a personal picture of my professional skills, please study the attached documents.

My contacts for communication: (list).

I look forward to your call or letter with great impatience.

Sincerely yours (signature).»

The third option:

«From whom:______

To _________

Dear Mrs. _____!

I am writing to you with this letter in connection with the vacancy announced by you as a professor in the comparative economics department of your university. I carefully studied the text of your advertisement with a list of requirements for the applicant. I was pleased to know that I fully comply with the stated requirements.

I am a doctor of economic sciences. I took a doctorate at the University of Berkeley. I have four printed books and 25 articles published both in the journals of the Stanford University School of Economics and in the journal The Economist.

Two years ago, my work on the problems of the global economy was nominated for the prestigious Nobel Prize in economics.

I will be happy if I can get the opportunity for a personal interview. I ask you to study the resumes attached to this letter, recommendations, and links to published materials.

I look forward to continuing to contact you.

Sincerely yours, (signature).»

After reading these cover letter examples, you can understand that they are very similar because they have one goal: to interest a potential employer in your person.

If someone believes that he can write a more original cover letter – okay: create a cover letter! Especially for him

Covering Letter Writing Tips

Tips for writing a successful cover letter can be grouped as follows:

  • Compose a unique text (if you are not satisfied with the cover letter template or you don’t have money to buy a professional cover letter);
  • Use keywords (from the terminology of a potential employer);
  • Do not be shy to engage in self-promotion (talk about your achievements and what benefits they will bring to the company);
  • Even if you don’t use the recommendations from the cover letter template and sample, compare your work with them – this will help to see your own mistakes;
  • Do not neglect to carefully and repeatedly edit the finished text.

Be sure to format the text. To do this, it is advisable to use recommendations for letter writing.

The format of the cover letter must include:

  • Details of the sender;
  • Beneficiary details;
  • “The main content of two or three sentences: first, the statement of the motive for writing the letter, then argumentation (a list of personal advantages and the advantages of choosing your own candidacy for the company);
  • Gratitude to the addressee with a clear hope for continued contact.

 It remains to answer the last question:

How to Submit a Cover Letter?

Since your letter is addressed directly to the representative of the company who interviewed you, the letter must be sent directly to him.

You can send either by regular mail or by e-mail. Everything is determined by the preferences of the recipient. If he prefers to keep the document in his hands, it would be wiser to send it by regular mail. But nowadays emails are a more popular way of communication.

For both types of letters, you need to attach all the necessary copies of the documents to which you refer in your cover letter.

Now it remains to wish you good luck!