How to tell about freelance work in a resume

How to tell about freelance work in a resume

Freelance work is becoming more and more popular. And it’s not surprising: people of all ages and backgrounds are willing to devote more time to their families, hobbies, health, and other important activities.

However, when searching for a new job or switching industries, it becomes a real headache to indicate freelance experience properly. If you work on your own and don’t have someone to prove your experience or skills, it becomes challenging to show a hiring manager what you are capable of.

Luckily, today we will teach you how to include freelance work to a resume and get equal (or even higher) chances of landing an interview compared to 9-to-5 specialists.

List self-employment the right way

Let’s start with good news: it is very easy to organize freelance skills and jobs once you learn how. Remember that freelance work requires a functional resume, which concentrates on achievements and skills, and not on particular dates and work history. Below you will find tips and guidelines on writing a flawless resume, which will highlight your strengths and experience.

Always tailor freelance experience to every position

When working on including freelance work on a resume you should concentrate on the things that you can do and have already done instead of indicating the places where you have worked. Potential employers want to see how you are able to contribute to their company, so you should show that as accurately as possible.

Did you know that hiring managers spend around 5 seconds on a resume before deciding whether it is worth their attention or not? Well, your task is to hold longer than 5 seconds and indicate something that will catch the hiring manager’s attention. 

We understand that it may be time-consuming to create several resumes for several jobs, but it is the only way to show that you are serious about the position. Trust us, hiring managers to detect generic resumes at once, even if you list freelance work that is fresh and relevant.

Your chances of being hired will be much better if you take time and learn about the company, their needs, and expectations. 

Devote a separate section for skills

When you add self-employment experience to a resume, your main goal is to show what you can do for the employer. Thus, there should be a separate section with your skills and certifications. If you can work with specific software or programs, make sure to include them in a resume.

The skills section is a great place to tell about anything that took you a while to master. However, it doesn’t mean that your freelance work will seem more impressive if indicating that you have Internet literacy or are good at using Microsoft Office.

Another important advice is that you shouldn’t claim to have advanced skills in the things that you know nothing about. Freelance jobs are based on skills and knowledge, so they will be easily checked during an interview. 

Use keywords and action words

Do you remember elementary school and mastering action words? They show that you are a person that is ready to act and get things done. That is why indicating them in your freelance work resume is another way of impressing a hiring manager. 

It is also necessary to pay attention to keywords that are indicated in freelance jobs. Did you know there is an Applicant Tracking System, which allows hiring managers to screen and sort resumes before they are read by humans? Using keywords allows past passing robots and getting to a real person.

Start with analyzing freelance jobs and try to write down all the words that relate to a position. They will immediately catch the attention of the hiring manager and will show that you took some time to create a brand-new resume for a particular position.

And don’t forget that everything comes down to money even if you are a creative personality who never discusses financial issues. If it is possible to show that you helped to increase the earnings of a company, do so. This will surely improve your chances of being hired.

Don’t forget about subheadings

In most of the cases, remote specialists have diverse freelance work experience. And even if you feel that some not-related skills can show you in a good light, it is possible to add them to a resume.

The only trick here is to create an appropriate resume that will be easy to read and understand. Employers are head over heels in love with multi-taskers, and seeing you from different angles will help them to make a decision. 

The secret here is to draw an appealing picture of you and not to look like you are ready to hop from one company to another without any obvious reason.

The best way to list freelance jobs from different categories is to break the skills and experience using subheads. For example, if you are a freelance writer and content manager, it is necessary to add separate sections for writing and management to your future resume.

Example of a freelance resume

Freelance work is both adventurous and rewarding but can be quite confusing. Below you will find an example of a resume, which will help to highlight your strongest sides and landing an interview. Good luck!

Amanda Cooper

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Experienced freelances with a wide range of skills, including creating an educational blog to leading a team of content writers, is looking for a permanent position in a new and aspiring firm.


  • Creating content for educational establishments across the world;
  • Organizing and supervising a team of content writers;
  • Profound interpersonal skills, ability to manage groups of people, both in-person and online.


ABC College, CA

Content Writer. Created content for one of the leading colleges in California, including their official website and blog.


Supervised a team of content writers, helped with organizing the work process, distributing works, proofreading and editing delivered texts, evaluating and hiring new candidates.


Bachelor of English (May 2009), GPA 4.1

Star University, New York