Grab All Attention On Your LinkedIn Resume

Grab All Attention On Your LinkedIn Resume

Profile On LinkedIn

Having a profile on LinkedIn nowadays is as important, as a license for a driver. Thanks to this professional social network people are able to find a new job, build useful contacts, find partners around the globe, increase the efficiency of their job and profit of own business.

The power of profile on LinkedIn

According to official information, it includes more than 500 million users and 10 million job offers. But making profile is only the beginning of your journey in the world of LinkedIn. To use all its benefits you must become noticed there.

To be a successful user and get numerous advantages from LinkedIn you need to make several actions:

  • try to understand, that your profile in this social media presents you as a specialist in one or several fields;
  • understand what headhunters and employers are looking for on LinkedIn profiles (usually their requirements depend on the sphere of job and company’s particularities);
  • find a proper style of writing and tone of voice, which will present your personality on the greatest level.

That’s why making your account is similar to create a resume, which demonstrates all your positive sides and professional experience. So if you want to be an attractive worker for colleagues, potential or current employers, partners, and headhunters, you need to satisfy their expectations. Here are some tips to do it properly.

Advices in making impressive LinkedIn profile:

1. Add a good profile photo

People keep judging each other by the first sight, and it is okay. Besides, ‘no name’ and ‘no avatar’ users look very suspicious, and people unwillingly make connections with them. So always add a good photo to your account.

Your photo should be done in an official manner without other people beside and numerous filters. At the same time don’t make it too corporate, because in the modern working world the friendly relationships are the key.

2. Write a catchy headline

Statistics can prove, that people make their conclusions in 5-10 seconds of seeing your page on LinkedIn. It could be good or bad, but you can’t change the first impression. When a new user visits your profile or looks for something in search results, the first thing he sees is the headline.

To make it powerful you should use searchable worlds and ignore unclear descriptions of what you do in your professional life. Also try to avoid quotes, popular expressions, interrogatory sentences, etc.

3. Fill your profile with content

You need to write texts for all sections for your LinkedIn profile. The content should contain keywords which will bring more attention to your personality. Be creative, but remember about making your professional portrait.

In addition, add as more interesting media about you and your achievements as you can. It could be pictures, video, documents, links, and other files that demonstrate your best personal and professional sides.

4. Write recommendations

Recommendations are not an obvious part to be in your profile, but they are very important for people. On the one hand, such information increases the general authority of your personality. People trust more those people who have nothing to hide. On the other hand, they can check your words and experience after reading several cover letters.

Besides adding recommendations to your profile, LinkedIn has a feature that allows users writing small texts for each other. So write cover letters to your coworkers and get good words in return.

5. Make connections with other users

Making a connection looks like making friends. As more such users you will have in your list as more chances for having a good working relationship in the future you get. Especially this option is useful for people, who are looking for a job and connecting to headhunters.

To connect with people mostly in your direct sphere, but also try to cooperate with others, who may be interested in your services or skills. You will notice how quick the circle of your connections increases.

There is no doubt that you have a million reasons to create an account on LinkedIn. And there are even more reasons to improve own profile and provide it with the best information, photo, recommendations, and other content. So be patient and keep improving your account to become in demand among employers and partners! It will allow you making useful connections no matter your specialization and field are.