How to Write a Successful Job Application Letter

How to Write a Successful Job Application Letter

How to Write a Job Application Letter

A Job Application Letter. What is its specificity? How does a job application letter differ from a resume in which all the background information about the applicant is already offered to the attention of the potential employer?

The answer to this question is simple: job application letter is acover letter for job application. Its task is not a simple enumeration of places of work and positions, but a “living portrait” of the applicant, i.e. a popular explanation of why you are the ideal candidate to receive this vacancy, what professional skills you have, what achievements you have and what benefits you can bring to the company.

Best Practices To Write A Job Application Letter

Before starting work on writing a job application letter, remember the following mandatory recommendations that will help you, at least, successfully cope with this task.

So – recommendations:

  • Write it yourself. (Even if you use the template, do not copy words and phrases – think up your own).
  • The job application letter format is a business writing style. Even though in this letter you need to beautifully and convincingly “sell yourself” as the best job seeker, you must remember that this letter is not fiction. Each word should be subordinated to one goal: to convince the recipient of the letter of your exclusivity, and ultimately to win this vacancy.
  • Keywords. Be sure to use keywords! These can be words from both the vacancy announcement and your resume. The use of keywords should convince the recipient of the letter that you have a good command of the topic and know what you write and what you offer.
  • Conciseness. Be brief. Always keep in mind: hiring managers read hundreds and thousands of similar letters, and if you are verbose, they will not read your letter to the end. They will decide that you are an ordinary talker, not a business person.
  • Read and re-read what is written. Editing the finished text is an important process. Find errors and fix them. Clarify the wording. Change unsuccessful expressions and phrases.

Before you Start Writing your Job Application Letter

So, where to start: job hunting is a responsible business. It is best to start with the process of understanding the information required for job applications. You need to decide for yourself what information you are going to share with a representative of the company in which you want to work. Then carefully read the announcement of the vacancy again and highlight the main requirements that the company makes to the applicants.

If you have problems with memory or orientation in words and sentences, it is best to use paper and a pen. This process is known to everyone who calculates the “pros” and “cons” of any event. Only here there will be not “pros and cons”, but “requirements of the employer” and “skills and achievements of the applicant”. Comparison of the results will allow you to determine the content of the letter, with what requirements you already meet and which ones you need to define yourself as a task for the future.

Writing Guidance for Job Application Letters

There is no mandatory job application letter format for writing a job application letter. Instead, there are recommendations that, while not being normative documents, are generally accepted.

These recommendations determine both the structure of the letter and the requirements for its design. Recommendations for writing letters relate to the length of the text, format, and font.

Practice consolidated the following status quo: the length of the text should not exceed one page; the text should be written at one interval; recommended Font – Times New Roman. Type size – 12.

Section of the Letter & What to Include in Each

Recommendations on the structure.

The letter begins with the details of the recipient and sender. Remember: you cannot write a letter to the abstract recipient: “it is addressed to anyone who reads this letter”! The recipient is always a specific employee of the company responsible for hiring personnel (human resources assistant job or head of human resources)! Take the trouble to find out his details!

The recommended number of reads in the “body” of the letter is three, but maybe four with fewer sentences.

The first sentence of the “body” is to inform the manager you are applying to about the vacancy that you are applying for. It is advisable to indicate the source of information about the vacancy. At the same time, it is advisable to commend the company and make it clear to the manager that it was the interest in the company that prompted you to become interested in this vacancy.

The following two sentences (no longer required) are the most important. It is here that you need to present yourself from the most profitable side: to tell about your experience, about achievements and awards. Here you can partially use brief extracts from the resume. Let you get some kind of “self-portrait”.

The final part of the “body” is a statement of oneself as the best candidate for the job or position.

The final letter is an expression of hope for continued contacts and a positive solution to the issue, as well as the traditional “Sincerely Yours” and signature.

Sample Job Application Letter

Business letter writing websites offer pre-built job application letter samples and templates. Despite the differences that are determined by the specifics of the company and the features of the vacancy, all of them are based on the above recommendations.

To make sure of this personally, see the samples.



To _____


Dear Mr. ______!

I was extremely interested in the announcement in the newspaper _____________ that your company announced the opening of a vacancy as general manager of the hotel ________. Your company is one of the most respected and reputable hoteliers in the world, and I have always followed with interest in your success in this difficult business.

I worked – and continue to work – as general manager at a four-star hotel over the past five years. I went a long career path from the receptionist job to the manager, so I know everything about our business.

I graduated from the Harvard University of Economics and received the title of “best general manager” of the ____ firm, where I currently work.

I am convinced that my experience, knowledge, and skills will benefit your esteemed company.





To _____


Dear Mr. ______!

I found your vacancy announcement of the manager of your bank’s branch in __________ on the site ________. It immediately interested me: I am a long-time customer and fan of your bank. I always admired the perfectly organized business process in your bank, respectful attitude to customers, and the grandeur of the projects financed by your bank.

I currently work as the manager of another bank: _____ in the city _____ of the state ______. I studied banking at the University of Florida. During the time that I have been heading a bank branch (four years), this branch has three times become the best among all bank branches in all respects: the value of assets and liabilities, profitability, liquidity, fundraising, and so on.

I won’t praise myself – let the results of my workday instead of me. And they are the best proof that I can really apply for your vacancy, and I can prove my usefulness in practice.

Thank you for the time you spent on me. I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes





To _____


Dear Mrs. ______!

I am writing to you in order to apply for a job in your company as a director of the legal department. I learned about the opening of a vacancy from a department employee, Mr. _________, with whom we worked together several years ago in the law firm _________________.

I graduated from Yale Law School. I took my doctorate at the University of California. Over the past 15 years, I worked as a legal adviser, head of the legal department of the company ______, adviser to the president of the company on legal issues.

My specialization: legal support of real estate transactions. I ensured the legality of the following real estate transactions (list). My clients were (list).

My specialization fully corresponds with the specialization of your company. The scale of your company is sincerely admired and respected.

I am sure that our cooperation will be useful primarily for the company.

I enclose the summary. If additional information is required, I am ready to provide it immediately.

Yours sincerely



Now you have an idea of ​​how to correctly write a job application letter if you are really interested in job hunting.

Good luck!