Job Offer Acceptance Letter

Job Offer Acceptance Letter

Job Offer Acceptance Letter

The acceptance letter is a letter that you send to a new employer when you decide to accept the job offer. This letter is crucial because it allows repeating your intentions once again and emphasizing the major points of your application.

Whether you are writing a job acceptance letter on hand or in an email, there are a few important elements that your letter should include. That is exactly what we will discuss in this article. After reading it you will know what to include in your letter and how to make it remarkable.

The Job Offer Process

Potential employees may think that the offer process is rather simple. However, it includes several steps, each of which is important and requires attention: notification of the offer, initial offer and the final offer itself. 

There are no clear rules about how many days you need to wait for an answer after the last interview (unless the hiring manager informed you about it). But you can contact the company after three days of silence.

The first employment offer is usually informal and comes as an email or a phone call. After that, you will receive a formal offer that contains official details. If the offer is satisfying, you can move on to the acceptance process.

If you don’t like any of its parts, you can start negotiating. Make sure you pay proper attention to every phrase because after signing the contract it will be really difficult to change anything.

How to Respond to a Job Offer

Once you have received the job offer letter, it is the right time to think about how you are going to answer it. The best way is to start with appreciating the offer and asking for the time when you need to respond.

This section is rather simple: ‘Thank you for the offer. I am really looking forward to reviewing the terms. When are you expecting my response?’

Even though the time of the employer is important, you can expect a day or two to be sure that you understand all the terms of the offer. If the hiring manager needs an immediate answer, try to be as polite as possible and ask for 24 hours to read the offer attentively.

Remember that all the terms are negotiable and you can discuss them before the contract is signed. Even if you have already written the offer acceptance,you can still change your mind before the formal part is settled.

How to Decline a Job Offer

It often happens that while you are waiting for an answer after the interview, you already find another project. Or you don’t like the terms that the company offers. That is when you will have to decline a job offer.

You should always remain honest and straightforward. Thank the company for spending time and provide reasons why you will have to decline the offer. However, you don’t need to give too many details. 

If it is appropriate, you can offer the hiring manager to stay in touch.

Accepting a Job Offer

When you are writing the acceptance emailhere are the stages you need to follow:

  • Answer immediately. It is important to respond timely, so after you receive the offer, send the hiring manager a note that indicates when they will get a reply;
  • Review the offer of employment.Attentively review the offer and decide whether every section meets your expectations. If possible, ask your relatives or friends to read the offer as well;
  • Decide on the best response model. If the offer was sent through an email, you can also send an email in return. If the offer was made through a phone call, you can also call the hiring manager.
  • Start with a draft. Once you have reviewed terms of the official job offer you can start writing the reply. Make sure you express how grateful you are and indicate any details of the offer that you don’t agree with. If you are sending an email, make sure the title includes the position and your name;
  • Proofread your answer. Make sure you read the letter a few times to avoid any mistakes. It is always a great idea to ask a friend to read the letter to find any imperfections. If you accept the offer over a phone call, make sure that you are ready for any questions.

Accepting a job offer is also an important stage, so even if you want to speed up the process and skip this step, we strongly recommend you not to do it!

Elements in a Job Acceptance Letter

Your job offer acceptance letter reply should always include the following elements:

  • Name of the hiring manager;
  • Appreciation of the offered position;
  • Date of the first working day;
  • Agreement on the salary;
  • Any terms that you would like to revise;
  • Your name.

Guidelines on Writing a Job Offer Acceptance Letter

When you have accepted a verbal or written job offer,you need to remember about the former employer. Here is a check-list of things you need to do before a two-week notice:

  • Accept the offer formally;
  • Sign documents from the new company;
  • Clear all the final steps, including background checks.

Job Acceptance Letter Sample

Below you will find an acceptance letter samplethat meets all the requirements. Just save it on your computer and use any time you need inspiration or tips!

Dear John,

I appreciate your phone call and for fulfilling my request for an email offer. I am writing back to accept the offer in a formal way.

As we have already discussed, the starting salary will be $60,000 per year with four weeks of paid vacation. 

I am looking forward to joining your company on Monday, September 10th. If there is any information that I need to know before my first day, let me know. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and look forward to getting started!

Thank you,


Here is another job offer acceptance letter that shows the professionalism of the author.

Dear Amanda,

I am grateful for offering the position of a Project Manager at Barny. I am thrilled to accept the offer and looking forward to starting working from September 12th.

As we have already discussed, my yearly salary will be $55, 000 per year and insurance and health benefits will be provided starting from the third month.

Please let me know if there are any documents I need to submit before my first day. I hope to finish all the formalities before the first day in order to start working without any delays.

Thank you for such an opportunity. I am waiting impatiently to join your team and to contribute to the company’s success.