How To Write A Maintenance Job Worker Resume

How To Write A Maintenance Job Worker Resume

A maintenance worker should write a brilliant resume showing a wide range of qualities to prove his experience and qualifications. And if you think that maintenance workers do not need any resumes but skills, you are wrong.

A maintenance worker resume is as important as that of a financial specialist or a doctor. You should not only be experienced with stamina or power tools but also present yourself and prove it to your employer. 

Showing your qualifications is a must, and it is crucial to do it in your maintenance resume before you even meet your potential employer face-to-face. You work in a physically demanding environment. 

And maintenance workers usually work on their feet all day long. So perfect candidates for maintenance positions should have the energy necessary for it and be able to work independently. A perfect maintenance resume highlights not only your maintenance skills but also your ability to read and understand technical manuals and solve different problems. 

We hope that the helpful tips below and the maintenance resume example will help you create a resume and write a brilliant cover letter that will impress your employer and allow you to get a job you are dreaming of. 

A maintenance worker resume step-by-step

Any maintenance worker, who respects his profession, experience, skills, and time, should have a wonderful maintenance resume and a great cover letter that would advertise his skills and experience and present him as a desired and valuable worker. Without that business card, it is impossible to impress an employer and present yourself even if you have many years of experience. To write a great maintenance resume, you should follow the steps below.


As a maintenance worker, you should emphasize your ability to keep your workplace in the best condition. This is very important for any employer. Mention everything you were responsible for in your previous position if you have been a maintenance supervisor before, write it, as well as mention all the maintenance tasks you had to do. 

For example, you can enlist in your maintenance resume that you were responsible for HVAC, electrical and heating maintenance duties, etc. To make it more accurate, state the size of the area maintained, the number of people you trained or managed, the specific types of heating and HVAC unities. Add this information to your additional skills. 

If you just enlist your duties of a maintenance worker without making it specific, this will be just a general description of all employees. Quantifying it properly and specifying your maintenance resume experience, will give a better idea about you to your employer and will clearly let him or her know that you are a valuable worker for that position.

Maintenance resume summary

Here you should state your biggest attributes and accomplishments as a maintenance worker. We recommend:

  • Use many powerful action verbs to describe your accomplishments;
  • Use as much job-specific information as you can.’
  • Mention you have a basic knowledge of facility systems (plumbing and HVAC);
  • Showcase your main attributes to show your accomplishments and qualifications.

The job of a maintenance worker is very detail-oriented, so it is crucial to follow those steps.

Enlist the history of your employment

Here you should enlist all the positions relevant to maintenance or those that have common duties or the same skills as building maintenance. Here we also recommend using job-specific accomplishments and action verbs. 

Education and skills

A maintenance worker resume should also contain the section with your education:

  • Enlist all degrees and certificates you have;
  • Include all distinctions and honors;

Your maintenance resume should also contain a section enlisting all your skills. Your employer is looking for someone possessing the specific skills, and he should recognize a valuable candidate in you thanks to your resume. A good maintenance worker should be:

  • Hardworking;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Able to adept in maintaining the physical environment of a facility. 

Maintenance worker job prospects

The employment of a general maintenance worker has grown 11% from 2010 to 2020. This occupation is extremely growing and is widely required in building new contractions. The salary of a maintenance worker varies from $10 to $30 per hour. As a rule, a maintenance supervisor who works in government sectors is paid much higher than that in other places. 

What does a maintenance worker do?

Maintenance workers maintain the physical environment of a facility. Their duties include performing minor repairs, basic cleaning, inspecting, and scheduling the necessary services for the condition of space/facility. Your duty will be to ensure good, safe, and functional condition of a space or facility. 

You will need to show your hardworking attitude and basic knowledge of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. Having a high school diploma and experience in this field is crucial. Your maintenance resume and a related cover letter should prove this information.

How to write a cover letter

Your cover letter should not contain the same information as your maintenance resume. Try to make it personalized and avoid repeating the same information. You should include the following information in your cover letter. 

Tell who you are

You should state your name in the introduction to let your manager know who you are, tell them about relevant skills and expert areas, as well as the job you are applying for.

Write a confident introduction

Don’t be shy or afraid to tell the employer how experienced, skilled, and qualified you are for that position. You should clearly show your value and your potential contribution. Highlight that your contribution to their company will be great.

Don’t forget to mention that you can use and handle tools and equipment, as well as other maintenance technology.

Tell about your experience

Do not mix up it with your maintenance resume objective, where you should write three sentences with the core information that would catch the attention of the employer. Here you should write about three work achievements from your professional experience section contained in your resume. 

It is great to mention job-specific skills or hard numbers, such as a 100% security record or something like that.

Show that you are interested in that position

Showing interest in your letter is crucial. The company should be sure you need the position because you are interested in what they do. You can do your research on the company and let them know what exactly you like about it. Don’t forget to mention how you’re going to contribute to their goals and plans.

Include contact details in your closing paragraph

You should close your letter with your contact details. After you left all possible contact information, request an interview. This way, you will sound interested, confident, and professional.

Free maintenance worker resume sample

Use the following sample to understand how to write a good and precise resume on your own and provide your employer with all the necessary information to hire you. 

Darin Kramer

564 Parker street

Crownpoint, Indiana

Phone +1 (567) 8946525


Facilities maintenance worker Chicago, IL

05/2018 – present

  • Traveling and performing work at different work locations;
  • Properly documenting and accurately recording all the performed work;
  • Plumbing, tile, and brickwork;
  • Following all health and safety procedures and participating in support of all safety activities;
  • Performing work on multi-phase electric equipment and circuits;
  • Maintaining safe, clean, and orderly work sites daily.

Maintenance worker Crown Point, IN

03/2007 – 04/2018

  • Routine carpentry work in the maintenance and repair of buildings and offices;
  • Assistance in performing masonry work;
  • Cutting grass on the territory of the buildings and offices;
  • Recording maintenance and repair work;
  • Performing all work according to established safety procedures;
  • Moving machines under direction;
  • Installing fixtures, pipes, and related equipment;
  • Supporting work for plant improvement projects. 


Northwest Technical College 

2003-2006 Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities Management Technology


  • Ability to use and perform basic maintenance on different types of machinery and hand tools;
  • Intermediate computer skills, confident computer, and smartphone user;
  • Knowledge of applicable regulations and rules;
  • Ability to be tactful and professional with the coworkers and public;
  • General knowledge of minor repair work, including basic electrical work, plumbing, and carpentry;
  • Good organizational skills;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Good communicative and social skills, including effective communication with contractor personnel, fellow associates, and client families;
  • Ability to operate equipment safely and carefully;
  • Ability to keep my working place clean and safe;
  • Basic knowledge of construction and maintenance of concrete and asphalt;
  • Ability to maintain equipment and tools in great working conditions;
  • Ability to comply with applicable safety rules.