What are the new recruiting trends for 2019

What are the new recruiting trends for 2019

Recruiting Trends For 2019

Human resources should be developed very carefully to help people find a decent job and companies to hire suitable employees. This field is very changeable because it adopts for market demand. It means that when time goes by the trends in recruitment also change.

There were several particularities in the 2018 year which have changed precious expectations from human resources as an important field of our being. This year isn’t an exception. So experts share their points of view about the future of recruitment in 2019.

Human resources trends this year

Trend #1. Multimedia presentation of own candidacy

Years before the candidate needed to create an impressive resume and seek for a job with only this instrument in HR. But things have changed, and nowadays employers are more exacting for new workers. It is not enough to have a resume and cover letter nowadays, even if they are perfect.

Don’t be misunderstood: these documents are still important if you are seeking for a job no matter the field. But now they are considered to be only parts of your preparation. The candidate starts using multimedia applications to introduce himself, and it really works. Companies are excited, and people are concerned.

Let’s see the influence of multimedia applications in the exact example. If you want to be hired as a salesman, then you need to have excellent communication skills. In addition, extroverts have more chances to become better sellers because of their inborn particularities. If an employer sees only a resume and cover letter, he can’t make a fair conclusion about the candidate and his skills. In such a situation he can ask you to record a short video presentation.

Such video doesn’t last longer than 1-2 minutes. In this introductory presentation the candidate should answer the following questions:

  • What unique characteristics do you have?
  • What are your plans for the dim and distant future?
  • What do you like in our company?

The context of these questions and the video is not very important. Employers will notice your ability to communicate, present yourself, and other communication skills, which are essential for a seller vacant position.

Trend #2. Tendency of inbound recruiting

Most companies aspire to hire the most talented, efficient, and hardworking employees. That’s why they tend to use inbound recruiting. And there are several things that differentiates this method from previous hiring process which was accepted in 2018 and other years before.

Lately, the traditional activities for headhunters included writing and posting a note about a position, advertising, sorting and selecting candidates, finding out their skills, experience, and other benefits. Instead of such methods, the inbound recruiting helps companies to attract both passive and active candidates for a job.

Inbound recruiting includes different marketing tools. For instance, it could be a particular webpage on the corporate website to show the authority of the vacant position in a specific department. Social media can also help headhunters in this process because a lot of candidates are looking for a job there.

Such an approach is great when a company needs to collect a base of potential candidates for different jobs. If there is an urgent situation to replace a vacant position, it may not satisfy headhunters with speed. But the base of candidates is very precious for companies which are always developed.

If you are a job seeker, it means such inbound recruiting method will be an additional motivation to follow for company’s news which can suit your ambitious, but at the moment you have a current job. So after finding such advertising for a vacant position you need to contact the HR department and follow their instructions. In addition, you may connect the brand in LinkedIn.

Trend #3. Automatization of hiring people

Everyone wants to automate everything, and this trend is also popular in recruiting. First of all, it is in demand now because headhunters aspire to use time management advice and spend their time more effectively. For instance, to make quick decisions with thousands of candidates.

This year the hiring process automatization will also be improved. Everybody understands how much time do employers and candidates spend on one job interview. So we are expecting to use more professional software like applicant tracking systems (ATS) to make this process quicker and more successful.

The ATS means that the candidate’s resume, cover letter, text assignment, and other application information will be in one place. The employer can do a quick search there using keywords or personal data. Be sure, that this idea is rational because the IT giant Google has confirmed its developing a hiring tool called Google Hire. That’s why the meaning of keywords continues to increase.

Besides, professional software in hiring people may also be useful for interviewing candidates for a job. Such an approach will save a lot of time for both employers and employees.

Trend #4. Blockchain tools and technology

Blockchain is considered to be a technological tool to upgrade the sphere of human resources and hiring people. This technology can propose candidates a job with the total security of their personal data. This question becomes very popular because there are many types of scams which uses personal information against people.

In addition, the Blockchain technology can also help in improving the hiring process and allow both companies and candidates avoiding useless services of recruitment agencies. As a result, people can deal with themselves without a third person.

Anyway, there is one tendency that doesn’t lose its importance. It is about social profiles which are also very important to be in the right manner. Hardly a reputable automobile company can hire a TOP-manager who posts dirty jokes on Facebook. Usually, candidates have to add links on the social media profiles in resumes, so headhunters don’t even need to make a deep checkout.

Another popular example is a creative application with infographics, texts, videos, and other test assignments. Usually, such type of application is used in arts, IT fields, start-ups, where employers want to see your experience and exact skills.

All these trends are important for both companies and candidates, who have the one goal: to work efficiently and get only benefits from such cooperation.