How To Write A Cosmetology Resume: Tips and Examples

How To Write A Cosmetology Resume: Tips and Examples

A cosmetologist is often the best friend not only of the girls but also of the boys. This is someone who can help you improve not only your look, skin, and health, but also your self-esteem. People who make us happier and more beautiful are highly appreciated.

But we bet you would not disagree that only a licensed cosmetologist who does his job perfectly can be highly valued. And the first step to dream cosmetologist jobs is, of course, a good resume. 

And if you are already a good cosmetologist who knows his or her job well, you should think of a perfect cosmetologist resume that would boost your chances to get a great job. Use the tips and templates below to create an outstanding cosmetology resume.

Writing a cosmetologist resume step-by-step

The majority of modern people are concerned about their appearance. And people are likely to entrust their look to a professional only. As a cosmetologist, you should show creativity and professionalism to gain the trust of your customers. It is no wonder because people will talk to you about their most intimate issues.

Hence, your resume should reflect your professionalism, and people should feel like they can trust you. The competition in the beauty industry is extremely high, so you cannot underestimate the role of your resume – it will be your business card. Follow these steps to write a brilliant resume and get the most of your job.

Think about what potential employers do

Beauty salons are very different, and the principles of their work are also different. Some of them have a very broad customer base; others may want to be focused only on a narrower range of clients. 

You should also take into account that some salons can hire only a hair stylist because this is their hair styling is their core direction, while others may provide skincare treatments as well. Thus, your cosmetologist resume should be tailored according to the employer’s specialization. 

For example, if the salon provides hairstyling services, mention that you are a great hair stylist. If they specialize in pedicure and manicure, mention your experience in that area, etc.

Think about your target clientele

Top-quality salons suppose and require their employees to provide the best services to their customers and meet their expectations. So, mentioning you always anticipate the needs and wishes of your clients would be very helpful. 

Remember that a good cosmetologist is not only someone highly professional but a person having amazing interpersonal skills. If you can get along with your clients easily and make them trust you, you will be a very valued employee. After all, the reputation of the salon depends on the relationship between their employees and clients.

Highlight your value

You can use a resume objective to do it while this is the first thing the reader will see. Don’t neglect to make a great first impression with the help of it. Your resume objective should have the following structure:

  • One sentence containing the years of experience and the performed tasks;
  • One sentence containing your best professional trait and your contribution to your new job;
  • One sentence containing information about your education, training, and relevant certifications.

Cosmetologist resume template (objective)

Certified cosmetologist with five years of experience, holding an aesthetic laser operator certification and providing beauty services to clients, including hair, skin, nail treatment, and aesthetic laser hair removal. I am intended to provide high-quality beauty services to your clients, and I am sure my professional skills and experience will help me do my best. 

This is an example of a good resume objective. But don’t worry if you don’t have the relevant qualification for that job. Instead of the related diplomas and certificates, you can show you have related experience. You can mention how skilled and devoted you are to what you do. 

Show how versatile you are

Now you can literally advertise your achievements. You would probably agree that there are so many specialties in the beauty field, and each salon wants to know what exactly you can do in it. 

Check out the cosmetologist resume sample below to figure out how to show your abilities in different specialties.

  • Examine and treat hair, nails, and skin of customers, as well as giving quality care recommendations; Recommend care lotions and cosmetics to customers and give instructions on their use. As a result, sales are 15% higher compared to my colleagues;
  • Perform about eight different laser procedures weekly, including hair and tattoo removals and acne treatment;
  • Train new employees;
  • Schedule about ten client appointments per day.


We hope these resume writing tips will help you create an outstanding resume of a cosmetologist on your own. Follow these steps, and we are sure your resume will be brilliant. Do not forget that a resume should not show you bragging but highlight your strong sides and skills, as well as your valuable experience that will help you contribute to the success and sales of your employer. 

Even if you are a perfect and amazing cosmetologist but cannot present yourself properly, you will hardly get a good job in one of the best beauty salons. The ability to present yourself is also art; not everyone can master. 

However, writing a good resume won’t be hard if you follow the tips described above and browse a couple of templates online.